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Imran Hashim
ID: IPM8711050 | Profile created by: Sibling
Age:30 years, Height:5' 10"
Religious Belief:Muslim - Sunni
Location:United States
About - Imran Hashim
Hello, I am a Sunni Muslim and practice Islam with moderation. I come from religious but yet moderate family background. I have a younger sister who is currently enrolled in a med school. Our parents have taught us principles for us to live by dignity, humility, and honesty. I believe in human kindness and the focus of our life should not only be on our professional achievements but being good human beings and treat each other with respect. I am looking for a like-minded person who is humble, kind, and honest.
Member ID: IPM8711050
Age: 30 years
Date of Birth: 08 Feb, 1991
Height: 5' 10"
Mother Tongue: Punjabi
Religion: Muslim
Religious Belief: Sunni
Profile Created by: Siblings
Marital Status: Single
Family Values: Moderate
Disability: None
Body Type: Athletic
Weight: 209 Lbs / 95 Kg
Eating Habit: Meat+Veg
Drinking Habit: No
Smoking Habit: Yes
Country: United States
State: California
City: San Ramon
Profession / Education Background
Highest Education: Masters
Institute Name: Purdue University
Employed In: Corporation
Occupation: Software and Hardware
Organization: Tesla
Profession / Education Background
Hobbies: Travelling
Music: Hip Hop Sufi Nasheed
Sports: Soccer Basketball
Spoken languages: English Urdu Punjabi
Imran Hashim's Preference For Life Partner
Basic Preference
Religion: Muslim
Age: 23 Years — 28 Years
Personal Preference
Marital Status: Doesn't Matter
Family Values: Moderate
Disability: Doesn't Matter
Body Type: Doesn't Matter
Height: Doesn't Matter
Weight: Doesn't Matter
Lifestyle Preference
Eating Habit: Doesn't Matter
Drinking Habit: No
Smoking Habit: No
Professional Preference
Highest Education: Bachelors
Employment: Doesn't Matter
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